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  • Men's Business Suits

    Business Suits, Party Suits, Casual Suits, 2 Button Suits, Extra Pocke...

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  • Tuxedo

    Tuxedo, Evening suits, Party suits, Wedding suits, Smoking suits,

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  • Blazer

    Casual blazers, Slim fit blazers, Jeans wear blazers,

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  • Party Dress

    Slim fit Dresses, Party Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Evening Dresses,

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  • Overcoat

    Short Coats, Overcoats, Slim fit Coats, Custom Coats,

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  • Men's Business Shirts

    Design Shirts, Casual Shirts, Smart Shirts, Dress Shirts, Business Shi...

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Learn How to Take Measurements at Home

This is a measurements methods which you can take measures at home or anywhere else to order your online garments.

We offer free worldwide shipping with a great deal,

Order your custom garments from us now. Enjoy shopping with us.  

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  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
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About Us


Sam Boutique Tailors is a premium bespoke tailor for Men & Women, Located in Karon Beach Phuket Thailand, Providing the highest quality custom garments.

Services For Men
Business suits, Casual suits, Tuxedos, Blazers, Business shirts, Casual shirts, Designing shirts, Sports jackets, Overcoats, Leather jackets, Safari, Shorts, Casual Pants, Jeans pants, Business Pants Etc. Exclusively tailored by
Sam Boutique. 

Services For Women 
Business suits, Casual suits, Blazers, Blouses, Tops, Overcoats, Skirts, Pants, Business shirts, Business Dresses, Party Dresses, Casual dresses, Sports jackets, Leather jackets Etc. Exclusively tailored by Sam Boutique.

We are providing free pick-up service for store shoppers and free shipping for online shoppers. 

Sam Boutique Custom Tailor is the top-rated on world largest traveling site TripAdvisor and world largest search site google.

Once tried trusted forever is our policy.

Once your order placed we will keep your measurements for more than 5 years for future orders. Your 100% satisfaction is the first priority we are looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy shopping with us.

WhatsApp: +66896050788

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  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor


     The Choices are Yours
Our unique customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels. You say how you want it and that's how we will build it. 

Endless Options
  All our customization options are complimentary and included in the price of your suit. Personalize your purchase down to the very last detail so you get the exact garment you want.
Customers Satisfaction is our first priority




Monday - Friday 9:30 - 22:30

Saturday 10:30 - 21:30

Sunday 12:00 - 21:00 


11/3 Patak soi 24, Karon Thailand.ตำบล กะรน, ภูเก็ต,ไทย.

Tel: +66896050788

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  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor
  • Sam Boutique Custom Tailor